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QEDWare's Services

QEDWare offers a wide range of software services.

We don't subscribe to the "newest, hottest language" school of programming. We DO subscribe to the idea that behind every successful program is a great deal of design, planning, testing and debugging. We specialize in the design and implementation of algorithms based on a solid mathematical foundation.

Barcode Decoding

Our President has been intensively involved in the area of barcode decoding since 1998. He has supplied services to some of the biggest names in the industry.

QEDWare offers a number of services and products in this area. You can read about our decoding services, including our industry-leading test tools here.

Automated Software Testing Development

Software testing, in our opinion, is the single most overlooked area in the field of software engineering. We are passionate about testing.

We have significant experience in the area, in areas ranging from testing the stability of communications systems on embedded processors to using Monte Carlo analysis to analyze the performance of barcode decoder algorithms under a wide range of parameters.

If you want an example of how seriously we take testing, please have a look at our QEDDecoderMetric test suite by clicking here.

Image Processing

We have also been involved in the area of image processing since 1998. In particular, we have been spent considerable time extracting data from poor quality images, and optimizing software dealing with large images or systems that use low-end processors.

Mathematical Analysis

We believe that mathematics forms a solid foundation for the best algorithms. We also believe that truly understanding a problem is necessary before seeking its solution.

Algorithm Optimization

We take great care in crafting efficient algorithms and have experience with a number of tools that measure the efficiency of algorithms. We endeavour to provide the simplest and most elegant solution possible to your software problem.

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