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About QEDWare

QEDWare offers software design that is based on a disciplined philosophy that all too often falls by the wayside.

We believe that software design is important. Too often the design of software is treated as a secondary consideration, or as a hurried ad hoc process at the very beginning of a project and is soon forgotten as the "real fun" of banging out code on the keyboard begins. Such an approach may make for deceptively rapid early progress, but will inevitably devolve into a nightmare of bugs, unstable programs, and spaghetti code riddled with a multitude of conditions to handle "special cases".

We believe that if designs are based on solid mathematical principles, that this will result in a superior overall design, product and results. Truly robust code doesn't need to handle "special cases".

And while designing and creating software is all well and good, without proper testing, the best designed software can, and usually does, fail spectacularly - often at the worst possible time. We make extensive use of automated testing for our software, and we typically have computers testing 24/7, finding issues and logging problems for further scrutiny. We don't believe that the customer should be the one who is responsible for finding the bugs in the code. The best bug is the one that the customer never sees.

We could go on, we are clearly passionate about software, but let's just say that we believe that a disciplined approach to software development is the best possible approach. If you agree, please check out our contact page to see if we can help you deliver better software.

Edward (Ted) Hatton

President and Chief Executive Officer
Ted Hatton
Ted possesses strong theoretical and applied mathematics skills. He participated in, and placed well at the national level in high school mathematics competitions, and was selected to be a member of Canada's four-member team participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Hungary in 1982, his final year of high school.

Ted holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Systems Design Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He's not an "ivory tower" type though, he has been very successful in real-life software environments.

He has developed a unique approach to software development and believes firmly that the best software has at its heart a strong mathematical basis and that frequent and exhaustive automated testing is crucial to a sucessful project.

This philosophy has been applied successfully for a number of years now. In fact, if you used a word processor, referred to the help system on your computer, shopped at a store, sent or received a package, chances are pretty good that you have benefitted from Ted's software efforts today. Some of this software was written over 20 years ago and is still in use today.

Chances are also pretty good that he can help you too. Let him prove it!

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