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QEDWare software consulting

Who we are:

There are a lot of programmers and software consulting companies out there.

You may find our approach a bit different than most.

We believe that programming should not be accomplished by frenzied programmers hunched over keyboards in darkened rooms putting out fires - usually with a deadline looming.

Rather, programming is a process. It begins with the determination of a customer's needs and goes from there. Algorithms should be thoughtfully designed, implemented and tested - extensively tested - debugged, and tested some more. Then, and only then, is the product delivered.

We don't just pull algorithms out of a textbook, although sometimes that is what is best. We make it our business to understand algorithms so that they can be tailored to your specific needs.

We have used this approach for image processing, barcode decoding, data compression, information retrieval, aerospace applications and embedded systems.

Have a look around our website. If you like what we have done, and think that we could work together to make good software amazing, then give us a call.

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