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About Our Name

"QED" is the accepted acronym for the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which translates roughly as "which was the thing to be proven".

When writing technical papers, mathematicians usually include mathematical proofs within the body of their text. As these proofs are often long and complicated, it is difficult to determine where the proof ends and where the main text resumes. The addition of the letters "QED" is therefore added to the end of the proof to signify its conclusion. By delineating the proof, these letters allow the reader to accept the proof as fact or to carefully scour it from beginning to end to verify its validity.

When designing software, QEDWare applies the same rigorous analysis that mathematicians have developed over the millennia. We can create solutions to problems that are provably the best possible solutions.

Give us you toughest software problems, we can solve them.

And yes, we can "prove" it!

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