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QEDWare has over a decade of experience with image-based barcode decoding, ranging from everywhere from designing, coding, debugging and testing.

Barcode Decoding Automated Testing

QEDWare has two primary products to assist in testing barcode decoding algorithms: QEDImageDB and QEDDecoderMetric. These two products have much in common with each other.

Both are the most powerful tools available today for testing barcode decoder packages.

Both are based on QEDWare's powerful image synthesis algorithms.

Both use a large database of photo-realistic images of barcodes benefiting from a wide variety of parameter values to test not only the easy cases, but also the far more challenging cases, and everything in between.

Both allow you to test your decoder software under a far wider range of conditions than previously possible. This means that both are ideal for truly testing code stability.

Both check decoded results to known correct encoded data, allowing for testing the ever-difficult to test misdecode rate.

Both give comprehensive quantitative results, allowing for simple and thorough comparisons between decoders, or releases of a given decoder.

Both will generate a database of images for all common, and most of the more esoteric barcode symbologies. Chances are very good that all of your symbologies are supported already. Adding a new symbology can be accomplished as required.

QEDImageDB uses an unstructured approach to the testing problem, using a smaller, yet comprehensive set of images to test your decoder.

Fewer images means faster testing. This makes QEDImageDB ideal for periodic regression tests of release candidates, or testing a large number of symbology models or data lengths.

Fewer images per sample means more models per symbology are testable. This makes QEDImageDB ideal for testing a broad spectrum of barcode sizes. Images are available of every size of matrix codes, and a large variety of lengths of 1D codes.

QEDDecoderMetric uses a structured approach to the testing problem, using a very large set of images that have been carefully generated to allow precise measurement of decode rate.

The resulting graphs allow you to instantly see which combinations of parameters cause difficulties with your decoder. This makes QEDDecoderMetirc ideal for in-depth testing that can be used to guide future development and improvements.

More images means more comprehensive testing of a given barcode. This means that QEDDecoderMetric will give more confidence in a given

You can read more about QEDDecoderMetric here.

Barcode Decoding Consulting

Our experience with barcode decoding can be valuable for you. If you need advice on barcode specifications, which symbology to use, how to improve your decoding, or how to deal with difficult barcodes, QEDWare's experience can help you improve your decoder.

If you would like to contact QEDWare, please visit our contact us page.

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